Client Philosophy

As a boutique service, we seek to provide you a "Personal Financial Advisor"

  • Client Profile

    Our typical client is a "reference client", who has prior assurance of our credentials, as against a "walk-in" client. He understands the basic premise of equity, as a face-off between intelligent risk and exponential reward.

Bridging the gap between
investment objective and
risk profile


Depending on your risk profile, we customise each portfolio to meet your investment objectives. Notwithstanding the future course of equity markets, which are often influenced by extraneous factors, we aim to provide a return superior to average market return.


Although, we encourage interaction with a client while structuring a portfolio, we are a discretionary portfolio management company and construct and modify portfolios, entirely at our discretion. We would, as a matter of form, intimate and seek views of our client, if we were to make a significant structural change in the client's portfolio.

  • Reporting

    Bellwether's portfolio performance and reporting is web-based. As a client, you can access your portfolio on our website with a personalised password. All the reports required for accounting purpose are sent on quarterly basis. We also provide you with a gain/loss statement every quarter, to enable you to meet your advance tax obligations, well in time. If required, we also provide you with the services of a tax consultant to enable you to meet your tax filings and other tax obligations.

  • Documentation

    When we take you on as a client, you first need to open an account with us. In line with our boutique standards, each client is managed with absolute individuality. All accounts and custody are opened in the name of the client and we operate these with a limited Power of Attorney (PoA) given to us by you.

Sailing through turbulence,
to emerge into calmer waters

Research and Guidance

We believe that it is possible to outperform stock market indices by high-quality research; backed by an understanding of market dynamics

Principle Investment Risks

The basic premise of equity is risk. We do not offer capital guarantees and do not assure returns. To elaborate on investment risks, download the PDF.